Foodbarn US CAB Striploin 227+/-g

200 g

Certified Angus Beef, or Certified Angus Beef, CAB for short, is the Certified Angus Beef Project program established by the American Angus Beef Association in 1978 to date. ) High-quality beef produced. Only those whose beef quality is naturally stable and above the average level are eligible to be stamped with the authoritative mark of "Certified Angus Beef (CAB)". The meat of sirloin steak is thicker than beef tenderloin, has a rich bite, and has a richer meat flavor. There is no need to marinate too much before eating, it can already show the meaty taste! In addition, the oil flower is higher than the beef tenderloin, so the taste is richer. Because of the meaty taste, there is no need to lose any beef juice after frying.