Aljomar Iberico Pluma (Korean Style Sliced) 200g

200 g

Aljomar Spanish Iberico Pork Eye Cover Korean Grilled Slices are hormone-free, instead of pure Iberian Iberico pigs, they use oak fruits as feed, and form beautiful marble patterns between their muscles. They are rich in flavor, tender and juicy. Aljomar is an Iberian pig. The leading company in the lion pig industry began to use ecological pigs in 2019 and obtained an animal welfare certificate. The lean meat is soft, evenly distributed, without muscle tendons. It is refreshing and has a bit of texture. Because the slices are thin and easy to cook, it is the best choice for a group of friends and family to eat hot pot. The fleshy fiber is fine, the oil distribution is moderate, refreshing and smoky. It can be cooked by frying, stir-frying, braising, etc. It is often used to make twice-cooked pork, braised pork, steamed meat pie, sweet and sour pork and barbecued pork.