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UK Black Berkshire PorkBelly Skin-on Sliced 180+/-

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Black Berkshire Pork British Berkshire's hormone-free black pork pork belly slices with skin, also known as pork belly, is located in the belly of the pig. The fat is evenly distributed, fat and thin, the meat is smooth, soft and juicy. The black pork belly slices can be quickly fried with seasonal vegetables, and it is also the best choice for the side stove. Star chef Denice also uses black pork belly slices to make sweet pork belly slices and shrimp paste fried rice ( and chocolate boiled pork belly ( The British Berkshire Black Dolphin is naturally raised in a traditional way and does not contain growth hormones and antibiotics, which is particularly expensive.


Our commitment to our customers begins with our commitment to quality, and our commitment to quality begins long before our products reach our shelves. We take great care to ensure excellence in the way our food is grown, prepared and handled.


We believe it is time for food to go ‘back to basics’ – safe, natural, nourishing and wholesome.


In the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, easily accessible food at affordable prices is our priority, so healthy home eating can become part of everyday life.

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FoodWise is a growing chain of neighbourhood supermarkets in Hong Kong that provides quality food so busy families can eat healthily at home. Produce is sourced directly from all over the world, including frozen meat from naturally grazed livestock and sustainable seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, and fine wines. There are seven stores and an online shopping platform with delivery as fast as two days.

UK Black Berkshire PorkBelly Skin-on Sliced 180+/-