Waveney Valley UK Tenderised Skin Off PorkLoin250g

250 g

Waveney Valley British Boneless Pork Chop is a boneless pork tenderloin. It has uniform oiliness, firm meat, fine muscle fibers, and distinct fat and thinness. The British Songnen Boneless Pork Chop has been tenderized and deboned in advance to keep it moist and taste, and it can be easily cooked at home to a soft and supple pork chop with first-class taste. Suitable for making pork chop buns and Gillette fried pork chops. Star chef Denice also uses tender boneless pork chops to make pan-fried pork chops with pumpkin corn paste (http://bit.ly/2P7WKTL). Waveney Valley British pork is raised naturally and does not contain artificial hormones. It is a new choice for healthy meat.