Betagro Frozen Ready Meal ISAN Roasted Chicken250g

250 g

Betagro Frozen Thai Roast Chicken comes from Thailand. It uses the ISAN method of roasting in Northeast Thailand. Compared with other chicken skewers, the skin is crispy, juicy and tender. In addition to protein and fat, chicken thighs have the highest iron content in chicken. A moderate intake can prevent poor complexion, susceptibility to scratching, and anemia. It's ready to eat, it's very convenient whether it is served with rice or as a snack. Betagro Group has been engaged in animal husbandry and food processing and distribution since 1967 to improve the quality of life of consumers with sustainable production. Betagro instant series do not contain preservatives and trans fats, and you can check the food sources online, so you can eat healthy and at ease.