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DLV Free Range Whole Chicken 1.4KG
Foodbarn UK Minced Pork Meat 200+/-G
US Black Angus Sliced Hanging Tender 200+/-G
LJH Crispy Pork Stick 100G
Foodbarn US CAB Striploin 5 X 200+/-G
Foodbarn US CAB Diced Chuck Eye Roll 454+/-G
Foodbarn Roasted Macadamia Nut 130G
Scottie 1PCS
Royal Farm Thailand No-addedHormones Chicken Wing Tip 1KG
Foodbarn UK Diced Pork Spareribs 300+/-G
Foodbarn US Prime Sliced Chuck Short Rib 200+/-G
Sapporo Brulee Noukou Cheese M 120G
Waveney Valley UK Pork Chop Skin-off 400G
Bindaree Australia 100d Grain Feed Tomahawk Steak +/-1.2KG
Lorenz Naturals Parmesan Potato chips 100G
Top Rank
Rose Danish Natural No Added Hormones mid-joint Wing 2LB
Osaka Ohsho Dumpling with Sauce 314G
Golden Crop Cambodian Jasmine Rice 5KG
Royal Farm TH (No-added Hormones) Chicken Thighs 1KG
Foodbarn AU 100 Days Grain Fed Ribeye 200+/-G
Tai Po Chun Hing Cuttlefish Paste 150G
Chance LongKou Vermicelli 50G
Delifrance Mini Butter Croissant 250G
Japanese Style Udon 200G
Cailles French Quails 2PCS
Golden Happy Brand Jasmine Rice 5KG
IBP CAB Striploin 400+/-G
Lotte Ham Luncheon Meat 340G
Foodbarn US Prime Ribeye 8OZ
Tai Po Chun Hing Beef Ball 200G
Batata Greens Veggie Fish Tofu 350G
Amity Full Cream Long Life Milk 1L
Niigata Chicken Skin 200G
Aha Korean Abalone Dumpling 275G
Aha Korean King Crab Dumpling 275G
GMF Corn Cheese Dumpling 350G
GMF Korean Ginsen Chicken Dumpling 350G
Osaka Ohsho Dumpling with Sauce 314G
Tai Po Chun Hing Strong Flavour Beef Ball 170+/-G
Delifrance Mini Butter Croissant 250G
Japan Aatsuyaki Tamago 500G
YDT Seasoned with cheese Aus Wagyu Patty 130G
Niigata Chicken kidney 200G
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay 2017 750ML
Bollinger Special Cuvee 750ML
Mizunogotoshi Junmaiginjyo Jozen(white) 720ML
Chateau Bel Air Rouge 750ML
Terrazas Chardonnay 750ML
Moet & Chandon Rose 750ML
Kamotsuru Honjyozo Karakuchi 300ML
Bordeaux Reserve Speciale Bordeaux Rouge 750ML
Domaine Chalet Pouilly Pouilly Fuisse 2015 750ML
Pierre Mignon Cuvee De Madame 2008 750ML
Morita Owari Otokoyama Sake 1.8L
Chateau Beaumont Cru Bourgeois 2016 750ML
Cloudy Bay Chardonnay 750ML
Bottega Rose Brut Sparkling 750ML
Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjyo 720ML
Wilberforce Cabernet Shiraz 2015 750ML
Domaine Cattin GC Hatschboug Gewurztramier 2015 750ML
Bottega Moscato Rose Pink 750ML
Morita Nenohi Hanafugetsu Ginjo 720ML
Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage 750ML
Rashomon Nihonshu Jikomi Umeshu 720ML
Healthy & Wise
Into Ding's Chicken Essence 60gX8
HealthQuest Canadian Hi Potency B Complex 90 Capsules 50MG
Shuppa Multi Surface Cleanser 320ML
Yuan Jin Chuang Dripped Chicken Essence 650ML
Organika Red Yeast Rice Plus (Capsules) 1BOT
DROPI Iceland Cod liver oil capsules 60G
Sterillium (Portable)Alcohol Hand Rub 100ML
YUAN Wild Mugwort Insect Repellent 95ML
Pleasure Lifestyle
Hibiki 21 yrs Sekai No Owari Limited Edition Whiskey 700ML
Yamazaki Whiskey 700ML
Hennessy V.S.O.P 700ML
Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel 500ML
Remy Martin VSOP 700ML
Taketsuru 21 Years Old Whiskey 700ML
Hendrick's Gin 700ML
JW Blue Label 750ML
Bunnahabhain 12 Yrs Single Malt Whisky 700ML
Enterprise of Conscience|Manage wholeheartedly
Received various international awards
The founding of FoodWise was based on a simple reason: for better health of family. In 2014, the founder of FoodWise aimed at offering the premium ingredients for family since organic products was uncommon and expensive in the market at that time. Meanwhile, with the relationship with international suppliers, the thought of purchasing directly from orgin arised. Small patch purchase to family and friends provided the foundation for the start of first FoodWise store. Until now, FoodWise has developed into a chain supermarket with over 10 stores over Hong Kong.