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Berti UHT Full Cream Milk 3.5% fat 1L
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Product Description
Imported from Europe, the UHT milk we offer you is manufactured from carefully selected milk with UHT technology /ultra high temperature/ in which it is quickly heated up to 135 – 150 degrees С and after a few seconds cooled at room temperature. The bacteria are fully destroyed while its taste, appearance, durability and food contents are preserved.

Nutrition 7 + 1
Trans fatty acids(g):0.00 Energy(kcal):64.00 Protein(g):3.30 Carbohydrates(g):4.70 Total Fat(g):3.50 Saturated fatty acids(g):2.30 Sodium(g):0.10 Sugars(g):4.70
Shelf life(Day):360 Ingredients:whole long life milk. Homogenized, UHT, 3.5% fat Sample Capacity/Volume:100 Country of Origin:Slovenia