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Tseng Dried Noodles Sesame Oil and Chili Peppers (4nos) 468G
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Nutrition 7 + 1
Energy(kcal):373.00 Protein(g):11.20 Carbohydrates(g):56.50 Total Fat(g):11.40 Saturated fatty acids(g):2.40 Sodium(g):933.00 Sugars(g):2.90
Shelf life(Day):360 Ingredients:Noodle ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt; sesame oil sauce: pure brewed soy sauce (sauce, water, salt, sugar, flavoring (L-glutamate, 5'-hypoxanthine phosphate disodium, 5' - guanosine nucleoside disodium phosphate), coloring agent (caramel coloring), sweetener (potassium acesulfame), sesame oil, sesame oil, ginger flavor, antioxidant (mixed concentrated tocopherol, soy salad oil); Pepper and pepper oil package: Soy salad oil, pepper oil (prickly spice, canola oil), chili oil (flower oil, fatty acid sorbitan ester, pepper extract) Antioxidant (mixed torrefied alcohol, soy salad oil) Sample Capacity/Volume:100 Country of Origin:Taiwan, Province of China