About Foodwise

Our Brand
The intention of establishing FoodWise is as simple as considering the health of the family.

In 2014, the founder of FoodWise developed a business concept of sourcing quality food for the sake of health of the family. At the time though organic products were expensive and difficult to source. Through the strong connections with international suppliers, the concept of direct shipping from product source aroused. In the beginning, only a small amount of products were imported for relatives and friends. Day by day, the first FoodWise was born. Up to now, FoodWise owns 8 O2O natural chained stores all over Hong Kong. Our team is passionate to source from quality food, including anti-additives poultry, naturally grazed livestock, sustainable seafood, red or white wines, sparkling wines and spirits to baby diapers and cleansing supplies. In recent years, we have been collaborating with different online platforms, including HKTV mall pickup points, Deliveroo foodpanda and Uber Eats to develop O2O transformation, which helps elevate the market penetration rate of FoodWise brand.
Our Culture
From the literal meaning of FoodWise, it means to eat wisely and nutritiously. FoodWise is committed to provide healthy food as well as delicious food. Our professional merchandising team is passionate to source from quality food, wines, anti-additives poultry, naturally grazed livestock, fresh fruit and vegetables to baby products, sundry groceries and basic necessities. All are ready for our customers.Meanwhile, we believe healthy lifestyle should start at young age. With the acknowledgement to the benefits of natural, non-additive and hormone-free, we can eat healthily and nutritiously, and become a FoodWiser!
Our Promise
We’re committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our customers, and we rely on our greatest asset, our people, to realize this. FoodWise employees — from our management team to our front-line customer service personnel — are passionate about real food, dedicated to delivering a friendly and comfortable shopping experience, and always eager to share healthy eating tips and ideas.
Our Belief
The FoodWise philosophy recognizes the connection between food and wellbeing and emphasizes three key principles:

Quality:Our commitment to our customers begins with our commitment to quality, and our commitment to quality begins long before our products reach our shelves. We take great care to ensure excellence in the way our food is grown, prepared and handled.

Simplicity:Before mystery additives and preservatives became commonplace on food labels, ingredients were easy to understand and pronounce. We believe it’s time to go “back to basics” with our food — back to the days when ingredients were safe, simple, nourishing and whole.

Convenience:Too often, time and budget constraints interfere with our ability to make the right food choices. We believe we can rise to the demands of Hong Kong’s fast-paced, urban lifestyle by making healthy eating an accessible and affordable part of everyday life.